Smilde Foods is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Firdaws Margarine & Halvarine.


  • Halal certified margarine and halvarine.
  • Certified by an internationally accredited agency.
  • Quality first - pure, delicious, Halal.

Available in 500 gramme tubs and 10 gramme portions:

Firdaws Gold Firdaws Light Firdaws Light
Gold; Halal margarine (80%)
500 gramme tub
Light; Halal halvarine (40%)
500 gramme tub
Light; Halal halvarine (40%)
10 gramme portions

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The story behind the Firdaws brand.

The name is derived from the highest attainable level in Paradise (Djennat). Muslims are permitted to enter paradise if they do good works. The highest attainable level in Paradise is Djennat Al Firdaws. Muslims strive to achieve this highest level.

In addition, Firdaws is a common first name in the Islamic community. It is used as a name for girls in Arab countries and for boys in Asian countries.

Features of Firdaws Halal Gold & Light products

Other spreads contain animal constituents and alcohol-based aromas. Firdaws has been specially formulated for Muslims and vegans;


  • Non alcohol-based aroma
  • Product does not contain animal constituents
  • Products do not come into contact with animal emulsifiers and fats
  • Halal certified
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Allergen-free recipe
  • Firdaws products are a healthy choice

For more information:
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